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Woodbridge Smile Centre is dedicated to delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge orthodontic services in Woodbridge in a welcoming and expertly managed setting.

Top-rated Orthodontist in Woodbridge

Woodbridge Smile Centre can be the correct destination for those who are seeking a wide selection of advanced orthodontic options in Woodbridge. From modern aligners to traditional dental braces, you can select the ideal solution that perfectly suits your needs, resulting in a remarkable transformation of your smile. Our well-reputed orthodontic clinic takes great pride in providing other exceptional cosmetic dental services for those who suffer from other dental flaws such as chipped, cracked, fractured, or knocked-out teeth.

    These top-end services include:

    Achieving the brilliant smile that you’ve always dreamt of is only a phone call away. Our dental professionals and friendly staff at Woodbridge Smile Centre are always ready to provide you with more detailed information in this regard.

    Improving the Way Your Crooked Teeth Look Through Orthodontic Treatments

    The initial step you should take to enhance the appearance of your misaligned teeth is to make appointments to visit professional orthodontists like those who proudly offer orthodontic care in Woodbridge.


    Common Dental Issues That May Require Root Canal Treatment

    Endodontics may be recommended to treat various conditions, including:

    Evaluating the Condition of Your Teeth

    Checking the complexity of your condition is the most important step that our Woodbridge orthodontist takes to determine which types of new orthodontic treatment can effectively meet your needs.

    Planning the Patients’ Orthodontic Treatment

    After considering the complexity of your condition, your budget, and your personal preferences, your orthodontist recommends the best possible option that is professionally tailored to suit your needs.

    Starting the Procedure

    Traditional dental braces are highly recommended to those patients who suffer from severely crooked teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign is an ideal option to solve mild to moderate orthodontic matters.

    At Woodbridge Smile Centre, we combine our expertise with modern techniques and strategies to provide all available types of professional orthodontics in Woodbridge most professionally.

    FAQs about Orthodontic Processes Provided by Our Highly Trained Dental Experts


    Our trusted orthodontist in Woodbridge has compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our patients commonly ask before the beginning of their orthodontic treatments. Feel free to reach out to us if your questions aren’t covered below:

    The majority of orthodontic patients may experience some degree of discomfort while wearing braces. Typically, this discomfort arises a few hours after the braces are initially applied and following subsequent adjustments during routine check-ups. Fortunately, this discomfort typically subsides within a few days. Our dedicated orthodontist in Woodbridge will prescribe you some doses of over-the-counter pain relievers that can be taken to manage any pain experienced.

    There is no age limit for starting orthodontic procedures; however, commencing treatment at a younger age can often make the process more manageable. According to our Woodbridge orthodontist, every child undergoes an orthodontic evaluation between the ages of 7 and 11, when their teeth and jaws are still in the developmental stage. This evaluation may lead to the implementation of preliminary treatment to prevent future orthodontic problems.